Elections of officers, OAC Review, v.25, no.10, July 1913, p.535. 1913.


OAC Review Index. Elections of officers, OAC Review, v.25, no.10, July 1913, p.535.

Elections of officers, OAC Review, v.25, no.10, July 1913, p.535. 1913.

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Harrington, H. H. (Henry Hill), 1859-1939

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H.H.(Henry Hill) Harrington, 1859-1939, was a chemist and physicist at Texas Agricultural and Mechanical College. He served briefly as president of the college 1905-1908. His tenure (1905-1908) was marked by disputes with the student body known as the "Great Trouble." Harrington eventually resigned, and became head of the Texas Agricultural Extension Service until 1911, when he went into private business. He served on the Board of Control in Austin and as a member of the Board of Regents of the ...

Irwin, Florence, 1883-1965

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Black, Robert, 1948-

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Graham, P.

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Young Women's Christian Association

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The YWCA of Washington State College was established in 1895. It provided the women of the college a place to worship, held bible classes, and located housing and employment. It also served as a social organization that participated with the YMCA of Washington State College. A popular social event in the 1910s-1930s were the conferences held at Seabeck, Washington. Topics at Seabeck focused on issues of the YWCA and the YMCA of the Pacific Northwest. During the 1940s, th...

McLean, M.

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Bredin, C.

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Kay, M.

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McGregor, Bessie.

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McLaurin, Colin A.

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McGregor, Edward W., 1918-

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Leonard, Hugh

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Wesoloh, J.

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Crowe, Greg

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Babb, Jeanette.

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Munro, Margaret, 1953-

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Groff, Ed

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Lees, May.

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Templeton, R. L.

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Lawyer, legislator, rancher, pilot. Born in 1920 in Wellington, Texas. Served as a pilot for the Royal Canadian Air Force during World War II. Received his law degree from the University of Texas and acted as the state representative for the 122nd District of Texas from 1947-1948. In addition to serving in public offices such as Collingsworth County Judge and County Attorney, Templeton also privately practiced law and authored several children's books. Has been involved ...

McKinnon, Bessie.

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Campbell, H.

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Oliver, F.

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McMurtry, Helen.

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Hotten, F.

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OAC Review Index.

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Hepburn, H. R.

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Clark, W.

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Ontario Agricultural College. Student Societies. Literary Society.

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Griffin, Lewis D.

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Lyons, Laura E., 1963-

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