Alumni, OAC Review, v.38, no.4, Dec. 1925, p.172-175. 1925.


Alumni, OAC Review, v.38, no.4, Dec. 1925, p.172-175. 1925.

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Baker, A.W. (Albert Wesley), 1891-1974 (person)

Professor and Head of Department of Zoology at the Ontario Agricultural College, University of Guelph, Ontario, Canada. He was a 1911 graduate of Ontario Agricultural College (OAC) and was a member of the faculty from his graduation until retirement in 1955. ...

Creelman, George C. (George Christie), 1869-1929 (person)

CREELMAN, GEORGE CHRISTIE, educator and office holder; b. 9 May 1869 in Collingwood, Ont., son of James Rutherford Creelman and Isabella Christina Patterson; m. 8 Sept. 1892 Ada Ross Mills, daughter of James Mills, in Guelph, Ont., and they had two daughters and three sons; d. 18 April 1929 near Beamsville, Ont. Descendants of northern Irish settlers in Nova Scotia, George Creelman’s parents moved to New Brunswick and then, in the 1860s, to Ontario. Creelman would spend most of his life in th...

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Zavitz, Charles A. (Charles Ambrose), 1863-1942 (person)

Charles Ambrose Zavitz (1863–1942, born Coldstream, Ontario) was born in 1863 into a family that was a combination of both Quakers and United Empire Loyalists. Upon graduation in 1886 from the Ontario Agricultural College in Guelph, Ontario, the college hired him as a junior chemist, promoted him in 1888 to Assistant Superintendent of Experiments, and again in 1904 to head the new department of Field Husbandry. Zavitz revitalized the Ontario Agricultural and Experimental Union. "By 1924 mo...

Young, W. Arthur, 1917- (person)

McArthur, D.C. (person)

Buchannan, Charles. (person)

Creelman, James, 1901-1941 (person)

Christie, Iain T. (person)

Meek, C.M. (person)

Kirk, J. Robert (person)

Marcellus, F. N. (person)

Balsh, R.E. (person)

Andrew, D.A. (person)

Wright, W. H. (William Herbert), 1943- (person)

Clemens, Ralph. (person)

Knox, R. G. (person)

Neale, J.C. (person)

Day, George Edward, 1815-1905 (person)

Millen, F. Eric. (person)

Howes, E. A. (person)

Reynolds, J. B. (person)

Toole, Wade. (person)

Palmer, Charles S. (person)

Disbrowe, H. B. (person)

Colquette, R.D. (person)

Porter, Archie, 1924- (person)

Steckley, J.C. (person)

Jarvis, G.L. (person)

Kellough, J.Y. (person)

Edwards, G. H. (George Henry) (person)

Raithby, George E. (person)

Coke, Joseph. (person)

Graham, W. R. (person)

Mason, A. Wallace (person)

Blackwood, W. C. (person)

Wade, R.W. (person)

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Martin, A. H. (person)

Evans, W. Gareth (person)

Adams, D. F. (Donald Fawcett), 1919-2006 (person)

Graham, R.R. (person)

Overholt, P.M. (person)

Smith, J. Bucknall (person)

McConkey, Oswald. (person)

Fairbairn, J. B. (James B.) (person)

Sands, Dick, 1840-1900 (person)

Duncan, R. S. (Robert Samuel), 1832-1909 (person)

Robertson, G. A (person)

Leitch, Hugh J. (Hugh John), 1920- (person)

Marston, E.H. (person)

Short, James. (person)

Caesar, L. (person)

Stone. (person)

Hamilton, W. E. (William Edwin), 1834- (person)

Fry, Harold. (person)

Hood, G.B. (person)

Carroll, J. A. (person)

Unwin, G. H. (person)

Smallfield, H. A. (person)

Jones, J. Walter (person)