Papers, 1918-1947.


Papers, 1918-1947.

Papers (1918-1947) of Alberico Caselli consist of two scrapbooks and one oversize package of newspaper clippings. The clippings, many from Stampa Libera of New York (formerly Il Nuovo Mundo), relate chiefly to Italian fascism; World War II; and socialism. Also included are anti-Fascist cartoons from the American press; postcard portraits of famous socialists; and photographs and articles re the Vienna Commune, the interim social-democratic government which ended with the worker uprising against the Dolffuss constitutional government in Vienna in 1934. The clippings also supply information about Filippo Turati; Italo Balbo; Errico Malatesta; Carlo Sforza; and Pietro Nenni.

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Born in Canzo, Como 1857, died in Paris 1932; leading Italian socialist, writer, journalist; his companion from 1885 was Anna Kuliscioff (1854-1925), who was influential in Italian socialism in her own right; founder of the socialist journal Critica Sociale Milan 1891-1926, which he led together with Kuliscioff; Turati was instrumental in the founding of the Partito Socialista Italiano (PSI) in 1892; member of the Italian parliament from 1896; general secretary of the Partito Socialista dei Lavo...

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