Nautical charts, 1769-1809.


Nautical charts, 1769-1809.

This collection consists of two disbound volumes of nautical charts. The first is "The Complete Pilot for the West Indies, Including the British Channel, Bay of Biscay, and All the Atlantic Islands," by Thomas Jefferys, Geographer to the King [of Britain], published by Laurie and Whittle, London [date missing, probably 1794]. An inscription on the title page reads "Jno. Rodgers, presented by his friend, Mr. P. Graybell." On another leaf is written "William Groom, Baltimore, November [illeg.]", and also reads "Richard M. Ball, Annodomini 1798." The second volume contains an assemblage of nautical charts pertaining to the Cape Stations. These charts date from 1769 to 1809 and depict the coasts of Brazil, Madagascar, and Africa, as well as various islands and bays. One page is inscribed "Capt. J. D. Henley." Many of the charts in this collection contain extremely detailed maps of European ship routs and holdings in the Atlantic, with soundings and profiles of sea floor terrain. Many islands have notations about which European power was in possession, as well as corresponding name changes.

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