Prose miscellany [manuscript], ca. 1630-1762.


Clarke, Samuel, 1599-1682. Prose miscellany [manuscript], ca. 1630-1762.

Prose miscellany [manuscript], ca. 1630-1762.

Used by members of the Estcourt family of Estcourt Manor, Shipton Moyne, Tetbury, in Gloucestershire at various times in the 17th and 18th centuries. Includes extracts from numerous printed works in English dated between 1622 and 1662 (texts similar to Wing T627, S646, S677, and STC 21761, L2622, W2887a, H2135, P3912, L2478a). Also, a record of births and deaths by Matthew Estcourt (signature on leaf 4). Extracts: leaves 2-52 (partially blank): begins "Observa[tio]ns upon severall texts of scripture"; leaves 84-86: Clarke's A martyrologie, 1652 (Wing C4546); leaves 87-88: Temple's The Irish Rebellion, 1646 (Wing T627); leaf 89: "Wilsons History of K. James" (either Wing W2886, S4818, or Wing W2887a); leaves 90-92r: Sanderson's A compleat history of the life and raigne of King Charles, 1658 (Wing S646); leaf 92v: "Religion of [th]e Greeks," 7 lines; leaves 93-95r: Sandys traveyles, 1652 (Wing S677); leaf 95v: "History of portugall a new book" (Wing H2135?); leaves 96-97: Sarpi's The historie of the Councel of Trent, 1620 (STC 21761); leaf 98r: "Names of [th]e High Court of Justice [tha]t sate upon the Kings death Jan: 1648: He suffered Jan: 30" (Wing L2478a?); leaves 98v-99r: "41: Members of Parliament forcibly secluded & imprisoned by [th]e Ge[ner]all O. Crumwell & his souldiers Deceb: 6: & 7: 1648" (similar to Wing P3912); leaves 100-117: Peacham, The compleat gentleman, chapter 12 (STC 19502); leaves 114-119: Peacham, "To prepare a table for an oyle picture" (STC 19502); leaves 138-140r: "Under [th]e presbyteraon [in Greek script] parliament dyed" (unidentified); leaves 144-145r: "What good [th]e Scotts have done & how required" (unidentified); leaves 146-153: unused ruled index of Bible books; leaves 154-160: "Catalogues Quaestionu[m] ad methodu[m] Bellarmini dispositus" (unidentified). Also includes: leaf 4v: "An account of my Children's Scooleing"; leaves 54v-57r: Estcourt family genealogical information; leaves 57v-58: list of legal actions in Gloucestershire, 1734-1735.

161 leaves (partially blank) ; 20 x 16 cm.

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