Letterbook of Bering Sea Squadron from 21 April 1893 to 6 June 1894. 1893-1894.


Letterbook of Bering Sea Squadron from 21 April 1893 to 6 June 1894. 1893-1894.

This letterbook consists of copies of letters and reports from Bering Sea Squadron. The Squadron formed of vessels of Pacific and Asiatic stations, the Revenue Service, and Fish Commission. Formation of a fleet consisting of USS Mohican, Concord, Yorktown, Alert, Ranger, Adams, and Petrel, the revenue cutters Rush, Corwin, and Bear and the Fish Commission steamer Albatross, to be under the command of Commander C.E. Clark, and to cruise in the North Pacific and Bering Sea in order to carry out the provisions of the award relating to fur seals rendered by the Tribunal of Arbitration at Paris. The duties of these vessels attached to this fleet required them to wrn all British and United States vessels or persons not to seal within the area prohibited by the award, during the period of time in which fur-seal fishing is forbidden, and to seize all vessels found to have violated the provisions of the law.

[50], 699 p. ; 36 cm.

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