[Engraved copper printing plates for twelve portraits in Thane's British autobiography] [realia] [ca. 1793-1798]


[Engraved copper printing plates for twelve portraits in Thane's British autobiography] [realia] [ca. 1793-1798]

Twelve copper printing plates engraved for John Thane's British autobiography: a collection of fac-similes of the handwriting of royal and illustrious personages, with their authentic portraits, published in three parts between 1793 and 1798 (though the British Library and DNB date them earlier to 1788-1793). The published work contained a total of 248 plates. Thane was a dealer in prints, mdels and manuscripts, with an interest in antique portraits and autographs. Many of the plates carry the information that the originals were in his own collection.

12 printing plates : engraved copper ; 18-20 cm.


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