Clara Mundt Muhlbach letter to Hochgeehrter Herr, between 1865 and 1869?


Clara Mundt Muhlbach letter to Hochgeehrter Herr, between 1865 and 1869?

Mühlbach writes, in German, to Hochgeehrter Herr about her attempts to get information pertaining to Pauline Kern, the wife of a master builder, who last was known to have moved to Wismar. She then asks if there is any news concerning her books being published by Appleton, and writes how much she would like to go to America. She briefly makes some comments about American politics and refers to President Andrew Johnson as an "uneducated tailor." She also discusses a friendship between U.S. Ambassador George Bancroft and Cecilia Meyerbeer and mentions them horseback riding in the Berlin Zoological Garden. The letter is only dated "Apr. 15" but because of the mention of President Andrew Johnson, it was probably written between 1865 and 1869. The recipient is unnamed, but from the contents of the letter, she is probably writing to a friend in the United States.

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