[Austro-Hungarian and German diplomatic correspondence], 1914-1951.


[Austro-Hungarian and German diplomatic correspondence], 1914-1951.

The first section contains "Denkschrift ueber die funkueberwachung ihre auswertung", by Andreas Figl, written in 1951. Everything after this appears to be from June-July 1914. The second section is coded Austro-Hungarian correspondence between the Austro-Hungarian Foreign minister and his ambassadors to Germany, United Kingdom, and Russia, as well as "Otto". The third section includes coded and clear correspondence from a "Dr. Eiswalt"; The German Chancellor; the German foreign minister; a minister in Belgrade; the German ambassador to London; "Quadt", "Waldburg", "Wedel", Ambassador to Italy, Ambassador to the Ottoman Empire. The fourth section contains coded and clear correspondence between the Trade ministry and the Austro-Hungarian National Bank, the Finance ministry, the War ministry, Austro-Hungarian Consulate in Switzerland. The fifth section is coded and clear correspondence between the Austro-Hungarian Foreign minister and his ambassadors to Germany, "Weisner", the Austro-Hungarian ambassador to Italy, "Geisl". The sixth section is coded and clear correspondence between the war ministry and various military commands. The seventh is coded messages from the various Austro-Hungarian ambassadors.

[1], 13, [1] p.; 433 leaves : 35 cm.

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Andreas Figl (1873-1967) founded Austrian cryptanalysis in the years before World War I and led it to great successes during that conflict. He wrote a standard work on cryptography that was published in 1926, a study of cryptanalysis that the Austrian government kept from being published, and a memoir of his work during World War I. He was drafted to work for the Nazis during World War II, but only served 18 months. From the description of [Austro-Hungarian and German diplomatic corr...

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