Letters to "My dear Phillips" and Mr. Brady, 1895-1896.


Warman, Cy, 1855-1914. Letters to "My dear Phillips" and Mr. Brady, 1895-1896.

Letters to "My dear Phillips" and Mr. Brady, 1895-1896.

November 29, 1895, letter from Cy Warman to J.S. Phillips compliments Phillips on the Christmas issue of the magazine (McClure's) and mentions manuscripts he has mailed to McClure's as well as articles he has written about railroad people: Jay Gould, George Pullman and those in progress about Russell Sage and Hettie Green. Also mentions that his rheumatism has slowed work on two rail romances he is writing. Includes magazine drawing of Warman. March 10, 1896, letter from Cy Warman to Mr. Brady discusses in detail the particulars of the bicycle he wishes to purchase with Mr. Brady's help.

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Cy Warman, 1855-1914, b. Greenup, Ill., educated in the common schools. Worked on the railroad in Colorado from 1880 until his health declined, then, in 1888, went into journalism in Denver and wrote and published verses inspired by the railroads and the Colorado mountains. Had great success with a book of songs, in particular "Sweet Marie." Warman produced many articles, stories and novels about railroads and the West as well as a history of American railroads. John San...

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