Records [microform], 1933-1992.


Records [microform], 1933-1992.

Minutes are arranged to follow the changes in the structure of District 65 over the years. Originally divided into autonomous divisions based on the kinds of goods handled by the members, the union has at times been divided along local and geographic lines as well. The General Council is constitutionally the highest body in the District 65 governmental structure. The Executive Council has only the power to recommend. Its functions are the preparation of programs and policies to be submitted to the General Council and the regular review of the union's departments. Included in this series (complete except for the minutes of the 1935 Executive Board meetings) are the minutes taken during the union's founding meeting in the living room of Arthur Osman's home. The Counsel Files series includes correspondence, legal briefs, transcripts, decisions and exhibits which document the major struggles of District 65 with employers, government and other unions. During the 1960s the union developed its own legal department with Eugene Eisner and then Donald Crody as chief counsel. Important files include those relating to 65's disaffiliation from the RWDSU in 1969 and the Employment Act suit brought by the union against Richard M. Nixon and other government officials. The files for John Wiley & Sons, Inc., v. Livingston, concerning the merger of a unionized corporation into a non-unionized corporation, which was decided by the Supreme Court, is also a part of this series.

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