Hickel Administration Exit Interviews Project : logs and audio cassette tapes, 1994-1995.


Hickel Administration Exit Interviews Project : logs and audio cassette tapes, 1994-1995.

The collection contains records of the exit interviews of Edgar Blatchford, John B. Coghill, Charles E. Cole, Jerry Covey, Walter J. Hickel, Max Hodel, Dr. Ted Mala, Harry Noah, Malcolm B. Roberts, Carl Rosier, Pat Ryan, Shelby Stastny, and Nancy Usera. Included are a typed interview records, logs or outlines of the contents of the interviews, and one or two audio cassette tapes for each of the thirteen interviews. There are a total of twenty-four, sixty minute cassette tapes. The logs and tapes are arranged in alphabetical order.

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Blatchford, Edgar

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Usera, Nancy Bear

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