Jumel family papers, 1799-1865.


Jumel, Stephen, 1755-1832. Jumel family papers, 1799-1865.

Jumel family papers, 1799-1865.

Papers, 1799-1865, of Stephen Jumel and his wife, Eliza Bowen Jumel, who later married Aaron Burr. Most of the collection consists of business and legal documents, but there are some letters exchanged by the couple, and other personal letters, including one dated 1819 from Joseph Bonaparte to Eliza Jumel, and letters from other members of the Jumel family. Some legal documents and deeds deal with Eliza Jumel's property, her divorce from Aaron Burr, and the settlement of Stephen Jumel's estate. There are also a number of documents from the law practice of Nelson Chase, the husband of Eliza Jumel's adopted niece Mary. Chase's papers include some material related to the divorce case between Edwin Forrest and Catherine Forrest. A nine-page typescript transcribes Anna Parker's account of a visit to Eliza Jumel in 1862. Stephen Jumel's business papers, many in French, some involving his business partners, Benjamin Desobry and John Dupan, include correspondence and official and legal papers, mostly related to trade with Bordeaux, but with some material related to New Orleans and other American ports, the West Indies, Liverpool, San Sebastian, La CoruIna, and Archangel. The correspondence contains some discussion of the seizure of ships during the War of 1812 and the Napoleonic wars, and there are numerous certificates that Jumel's ships and cargoes were American owned, issued at Bordeaux and elsewhere. The papers include statements of customs duties and wine tax paid at Bordeau, checks, bills of lading, insurance certificates, certificates of landing, receipts, promissory notes, deeds, lists of current prices, a power of attorney issued in Liverpool, an account book, ca. 1800, for the schooner "Le Mocker" of St. Thomas, a roll of the crew of the brig "Amazon," dated 1801, and a letterbook in French dated 1820.

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