Federal League Suit : papers 1914-1945.


Federal League Suit : papers 1914-1945.

This is a collection of correspondence, agreements, court transcripts, affidavits and newspaper clippings relating to the Federal League Suit. This collection is primarily correspondence between the members of the National Commission, their attorneys and baseball club presidents. Correspondence subjects range from attorney fees, affidavits, player contracts and court proceeding preparations. Also included are the National Agreements with revisions, Cincinnati Peace Agreement and Major-Minor League Agreement. Court transcripts of 1919 opening statements, direct and cross-examinations, Court of Appeals transcripts and individual affidavits of 1915.

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Weeghman, Charles.

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Herrmann, August, 1859-1931

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August "Garry" Herrmann was the president of the Cincinnati Reds baseball club from 1902 to 1927. For seventeen of those years, he also was the chairman of the National Commission, the ruling body of Organized Baseball (1903-1920). For greater biographical detail, see the finding aid. From the description of August "Garry" Herrmann papers : correspondence, clippings, letter books, minutes, 1887-1938, 1902-1927. (National Baseball Hall of Fame). WorldCat record id: 299750719 ...

Croon, Hermann.

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Office of the Commissioner.

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On January 5, 1915, the Federal League of Base Ball Clubs filed an antitrust lawsuit against Organized Baseball in the United States District Cort of Northern Illinois. The Feds charged Organized Baseball with being a combination, a conspiracy, and a monopoly, in contradiction of the Sherman antitrust law. They names as defendants the sixteen presidents in the organized major leagues and the three members of the National Commission. The Federal League asked the court to declare the National Agre...

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Case, Harold Claude, 1902-1972

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Landis, Kenesaw Mountain, 1866-1944

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Kenesaw Mountain Landis was the Commissioner of Baseball (1920-1944). He was inducted into the Baseball Hall of Fame in 1944. From the description of Letters, 1925, October 7; 1984, May 26. (National Baseball Hall of Fame). WorldCat record id: 47294753 Kenesaw Mountain Landis was the Commissioner of Baseball (1920-1944). He was inducted into the National Baseball Hall of Fame in 1944. From the description of Letter, 1943, March 13. 1943. (National Baseball Hall o...

National Commission.

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Heydler, John, 1869 - 1956.

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Johnson, George M. (George Metcalf), 1885-

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Sinclair, Harry

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Tener, John K., 1863-1946

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John Tener played and pitched for the Baltimore Orioles of the American Association (1885), Chicago White Stockings of the National League (1888-1889), and the Pittsburgh Burghers of the Players League (1890). After his playing career, Tener served as president of the National League (1913-1918). He became governor of Pennsylvania in 1911, and remained in that capacity until 1915. From the description of Letter, 1888, October 19. (National Baseball Hall of Fame). WorldCat record id: ...

Pepper, George Wharton, 1867-1961

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U.S. Senator from Pennsylvania. From the description of Letter to Will Orton Tewson, 1925 July 29. (University of Virginia). WorldCat record id: 63109874 U.S. Senator for Pennsylvania. From the description of Miscellaneous manuscripts, 1906-1951. (University of Pennsylvania Library). WorldCat record id: 155886430 George Wharton Pepper - distinguished Philadelphia lawyer and U.S. Senator from Pennsylvania - was born in Philadelphia on March 1...

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Minor, Benjamin B. (Benjamin Blake), 1818-1905

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American lawyer and editor; proprietor and editor of the Southern Literary Messenger from 1843 until 1847. From the description of Works and correspondence, 1895-1905, nd. (Harry Ransom Humanities Research Center (HRC); University of Texas at Austin). WorldCat record id: 122365917 Tutor to the children of a Charlottesville professor [George Blaettermann?]. From the description of Letter to William Thomas Leavell, 1837 October 10. (University of Virginia). WorldCa...