M-E-L Division (Ford Motor Company) records subgroup, 1946-1960.


M-E-L Division (Ford Motor Company) records subgroup, 1946-1960.

The M-E-L Division (Ford Motor Company) records subgroup is organized into five series. The Edsel Automobile Public Relations records series, 1955-1960, (3.4 cubic ft.), Acc. 701, 765, includes intra-company correspondence from the Edsel Division to district and regional sales managers and public relations manager regarding the introduction of the Edsel automobile (Acc. 701); photographs of the Edsel automobile, Edsel automobile parts diagrams, the Edsel Division headquarters building, Edsel Division executives, and Edsel automobile dealers; and press releases announcing new Edsel dealerships in Michigan (Acc. 765). The Import Automobile records series, 1958-1959 (2 cubic ft.), Acc. 782, contains correspondence, press releases, photographs, negatives, and newspaper clippings, regarding the advertising, sales, and marketing of import automobiles produced by Ford Motor Company, Ltd. in Dagenham, England, including the Anglia, Consul, Escort, Prefect, Squire, Zephyr, and Zodiac automobiles and vehicles produced by Ford Werke in Cologne, Germany including the Thames van and the Taunus automobile. The Lincoln and Mercury Public relations records series, 1947-1960, (1 cubic ft.), Acc. 701, 765, includes correspondence regarding presenting a 1957 Lincoln automobile to Sam Crawford, a Detroit Tiger outfielder (Acc. 701), public relations records regarding various press events, and construction photographs of the St. Louis plant which built Mercury automobiles (Acc. 765). The Racing records series, 1946-1957 (1.2 cubic ft. and 1 oversize box), Acc. 782, includes press releases, photographs, and negatives about the Indianapolis 500 race in 1911, 1946, 1950, 1953, 1956, and 1957; and a film script and photographs of the 1954 Pan American Mexican Road race. The Sales and Marketing records series, 1955-1959 (1.4 cubic ft.), Acc. 1576, includes memorandums to Edsel automobile dealers, dealer financial performance, dealer operation guides, pamphlets on selling techniques, marketing research regarding public opinion and current trends in the automobile industry and Edsel sales statistics.

9 cubic ft. and 1 oversize box.

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