[Letter, 1809 July 19 : Bayreuth to Philipp August Bockh, Heidelberg].


[Letter, 1809 July 19 : Bayreuth to Philipp August Bockh, Heidelberg].

Letter signed by Jean Paul F. Richter, a German author of the Romantic movement, addressed to a Professor Bockh at Heidelberg, most likely the philologist and professor of classical literature Philipp August Bockh who was at the University of Heidelberg 1807-1811. The letter mentions Schlegel, presumably Friedrich von Schlegel, another author and philologist who deeply influenced the German Romantic movement.

1 folded leaf, 1 envelope ; 21 cm.

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Schlegel, Friedrich von, 1772-1829

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Friedrich von Schlegel (10 March 1772 – 12 January 1829) was a German poet and philosopher; with his older brother, August Wilhelm Schlegel, he was one of the main figures of Jena Romanticism. In 1808, Schlegel was baptized into the Catholic Church leading to an estrangement from family and old friends. He moved to Austria in 1809, where he became a diplomat and journalist. ...

Jean Paul, 1763-1825

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Emma Richter-Kallenberg was the granddaughter of Jean Paul. She lived on Colonsay, a small island off the west coast of Scotland, until she was interned during World War I. From the description of Auszüge aus Jean Paul Richter : manuscript, 1900. (Harvard University). WorldCat record id: 612764293 ...

Iltis, Hugh H.

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Bockh, Philipp August, 1785-1867.

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