Oral history interviews, 1997-[ongoing]


Oral history interviews, 1997-[ongoing]

This collection, organized alphabetically by name, contains biographical information and oral history interview transcripts conducted by the Archives of Women in Science and Engineering. This is an ongoing project, and additional transcripts will be added continuously. Current interviews (consisting of either a tape or a transcript) include Caitlyn Allen, Dee Boersma, Verona Burton, Mary Sue Coleman, Jo Ellen Force, Rosine Hall, Carolyn Heising, Darleane C. Hoffman, Bryant Mather, Gertrude Rempfer, Nina Roscher, Joan Stadler, Ruth Swenson, and Sue Thomsen.

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Stadler, Joan Klinger, 1929-

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Rempfer, Gertrude.

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Thomsen, Sue.

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Hoffman, Darleane C.

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Nuclear chemist. Darleane Christian Hoffman received her B.S. (1948) in Chemistry and her Ph. D (1951) in Physical (Nuclear) Chemistry from Iowa State University. She has been employed at the Oak Ridge National Laboratory, the Los Alamos Scientific Laboratory, and the University of California at Berkeley. Her current positions are the Faculty Senior Scientist and Group Leader (1984- ) at the Lawrence Berkeley Laboratory, Director (1991- ) of the Glenn T. Seaborg Institut...

Force, Jo Ellen

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Archives of Women in Science and Engineering (Iowa State University)

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The Archives of Women in Science and Engineering (Iowa State University Library) sponsors oral history interviews with women scientists and engineers in a wide variety of fields. The interviews document the career and experiences of these women in order to illustrate the critical role they played. From the description of Oral history interviews, 1997-[ongoing] (Iowa State University). WorldCat record id: 58387605 ...

Hall, Rosine Blount Wilson

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Burton, Verona Devine, 1922-

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Professor of botany. Verona Devine Burton graduated from Hunter College in 1944. She received her M.A. (1946) and Ph. D (1948) in Plant Anatomy from the University of Iowa. She was employed as an Assistant Professor in the Biology Dept. at Mankato State University (1948-1983) and is currently Professor Emerita for the same Dept. She also served as the University Compliance Officer from 1973-1975. In the late 1950s Burton was denied her position at the university due to t...

Roscher, Nina Matheny

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Chemistry professor. Nina M. Roscher received her B.S. (1960) in Chemistry from the University of Delaware, and her Ph.D (1964) in Chemistry from Purdue University. Her positions of employment have included: physical chemist (1958-1961), National Bureau of Standards; senior staff chemist (1967-1968), Coca-Cola; and she has been a Professor of Chemistry at American University since 1979. She has held numerous administrative positions at American, including Vice-Provost (1979-1982); D...

Heising, Carolyn D. (Carolyn DeLane), 1952-

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Carolyn DeLane Heising (b. 1952) received her B.A. (1974) in Applied Physics from the University of California at San Diego and her M.S. (1975) in Nuclear Engineering and Ph. D. (1978) in Mechanical Engineering from Stanford University. She has been employed as a post-doctoral Research Associate (1978-1980) and Assistant Professor (1980-1984) in Nuclear Engineering at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology; Associate Professor (1984-1989) and Professor (1989-1993) of Industrial E...

Boersma, P. Dee, 1946-

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Allen, C. 1957-

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Swenson, Ruth Bowman, 1924-

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Professor of botany and liberal arts administrator. Ruth B. Swenson received her A.B. (1946) in Chemistry from Mount Holyoke, her M.S. (1947) in Science from the University of Illinois, and her Ph. D (1969) in Cell Biology from Iowa State University. After serving as an Assistant Professor of Botany until 1975, Swenson became Assistant Dean for the College of Science and Humanities. She is currently Professor Emerita of the Botany Department and Associate Dea...

Coleman, Mary Sue

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The first woman to lead the University of Iowa, Mary Sue Coleman held academic appointments as professor of biochemistry in the College of Medicine and of biological sciences in the College of Liberal Arts while university president. A native of Kentucky, Coleman attended junior high and high school in Cedar Falls, Iowa. In 1965 she earned a bachelor's degree in chemistry from Grinnell College and in 1969 received a Ph.D. in biochemistry from the University of North Carolina. For 19 years Colema...

Mather, Bryant

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Civil engineer. Mather, a native of Baltimore, Md., was born in 1916. He graduated with an A.B. (1936) from Johns Hopkins. He was employed as an assistant curator of minerals (1939-1941) at the Chicago Museum of Natural History; a geologist (1941-1942) and concrete research engineer (1942-1946) at the U.S. War Dept. Concrete Laboratory; and then he and his wife, Katharine Kniskern Mather, went to work for the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers in Mississippi. His positions the...