Lowell family papers, 1728-1878


Lowell family papers, 1728-1878

Papers of the Lowell family of Massachusetts, 1728-1878, include letters written and received by John Lowell, Rebecca Amory Lowell (1771-1842), Rebecca Amory Lowell (1794-1873), and Anna Cabot Lowell, among other Lowell family members. Letters pertain to family matters including John and Rebecca's courtship; travel throughout the United States and Europe; Anna Cabot Lowell's charity work and other activities with the New England Freedmen's Aid Society and the New England Hospital for Women and Children; local, national, and international politics and events; and social engagements and time spent with friends and family. Also included are sporadic travel diaries kept by John and Rebecca Amory Lowell while traveling through Europe, 1804-17; a manuscript copy of a travel diary kept by Ann Amory McLean Lee, 1815-17, copied by Anna Cabot Lowell; Sunday school lesson notebooks and extract books kept by Rebecca Amory Lowell and Anna Cabot Lowell; poetry books kept by Susan Cabot Lowell; Frances Augusta Amory's notebooks, 1817-64; and a letterbook kept by Scottish writer Anne MacVicar Grant, 1809-10. Also, personal account books kept by John Baker Sohier, 1789-1795, Rebecca Amory Lowell, 1828-1833, and Susan Cabot Lowell and William Sohier, 1846-1858.

6 boxes and 16 vols. in cases.


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Massachusetts Historical Society

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Sohier, John Baker.

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Lowell family.

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New England Freedmen's Aid Society

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The New England Freedmen's Aid Society was founded in Boston in 1862 as the Educational Commission. In 1865 it became a part of the American Freedmen's Aid Commission. From the description of Daily journal : manuscript, 1869-1871. (Harvard University). WorldCat record id: 612866273 ...

Lowell, Anna Cabot, 1808-1894.

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Sohier, Susan Cabot Lowell, 1823-1868.

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Lowell, Anna Cabot, 1768-1810.

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Lowell, John Amory, 1798-1881

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New England Hospital for Women and Children

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Founded by women in 1862 as the New England Hospital for Women and Children, until the 1950s the Hospital was staffed exclusively by women. In 1951 the name was changed to New England Hospital since men were also being admitted as patients. In 1969 the Hospital's name was changed to Dimock Community Health Center. From the description of Records, 1914-1954 (inclusive), 1950-1954 (bulk). (Harvard University). WorldCat record id: 232006762 The New England Hospital, formerly th...

Amory, Frances Augusta, 1800-1819.

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Lee, Anne McLean.

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Lowell, John, 1769-1840

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Lowell graduated from Harvard College (1786) and studied law with his father until 1789 when he was admitted to the Suffolk bar. He left for Europe in 1803 and upon his return devoted himself exclusively to humanitarian endeavors and federalist politics. From the description of Statement to the jury, ca. 1803. (Harvard Law School Library). WorldCat record id: 236087815 Lawyer and political writer. From the description of Letters, 1833-1834. (Boston Athenaeum). Wo...

Lowell, Rebecca Amory, 1771-1842.

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Putnam, Anna

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Grant, Anne MacVicar, 1755-1838

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Author. From the description of Letter, 1830 October 17. (Unknown). WorldCat record id: 145407785 Scottish writer who spent some of childhood living in the United States. From the description of Letters of Anne Grant, 1822-1836. (University of Virginia). WorldCat record id: 35035731 Scottish writer who spent some of her childhood living in the United States. From the description of Letters of Anne Grant [manuscript], 1822-1836. (University of...

Lowell, Rebecca Amory, 1794-1873.

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