[Promotion letters and commission certificate for Robert Houston, 1812-1813].


United States. President (1809-1817 : Madison). [Promotion letters and commission certificate for Robert Houston, 1812-1813].

[Promotion letters and commission certificate for Robert Houston, 1812-1813].

Commission as second lieutenant in the 12th regiment of infantry, 1812 July 23, signed by W[illiam] Eustis and James Madison. Includes letter of promotion dated 14 March 1812 from W. Eustis to Robert Houston notifying Houston that he has been appointed second lieutenant; and letter of promotion dated 30 March 1813 from J[ohn] Armstrong, Secretary of War, to Robert Houston notifying Houston that he has been appointed first lieutenant.

1 DS, 2 LS ; 25-45 cm.

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