Rajneesh artifacts and ephemera collection, 1981-2004.


Rajneeshpuram (Or.). Rajneesh artifacts and ephemera collection, 1981-2004.

Rajneesh artifacts and ephemera collection, 1981-2004.

The Rajneesh artifacts and ephemera collection focuses primarily on artifacts and documents from Rajneeshpuram and the City of Rajneesh in the state of Oregon through the 1980s. It secondarily focuses on the Rajneeshees after they left Oregon. These items refer to "Osho" as Rajneesh was later called by the sannyasins. Where possible, the items reflecting the Rajneeshees in Oregon are arranged first, with artifacts and ephemera representing "Osho" coming later.

6.5 linear ft. (24 containers)

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Rajneeshpuram (Or.)

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Rajneeshpuram, a communal city in central Oregon, was founded in July of 1981 by devotees of Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh ("Osho"), the Indian master who blended Eastern mysticism with Western therapies. Rajneesh lived at Rajneeshpuram until October 1985, when he left the United States to escape charges of perjury and conspiracy. By late 1985 the community folded, after more than four years of intense conflict both within the community and with local residents. Rajneesh died in India in January 1990. ...

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