[Paulini Petricordiae De vita Sancti Martini] [microform]. [between 800 and 899]


Paulinus, Petricordiae, fl. 459-472. [Paulini Petricordiae De vita Sancti Martini] [microform].

[Paulini Petricordiae De vita Sancti Martini] [microform]. [between 800 and 899]

Text of Paulinus' De vita Sancti Martini (lacking III. 227-388, IV. 489-574, V. 60-379, 621-701, V. 782-VI. 63) and Versus de orantibus. See printed catalog for full description: Codices Vaticani Latini. Tomus 3, pars 1. Codices 1461-2059, p. 139.

30 leaves : parchment ; 268 x 157 mm.

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