Herbert S. and Rebecca Goldstein papers


Goldstein, Herbert S. (Herbert Samuel), 1890-1970. Herbert S. and Rebecca Goldstein papers, 1904-1997

Herbert S. and Rebecca Goldstein papers


The collection primarily contains materials arising from the rabbinic career of Herbert Goldstein, and his involvement in various Jewish institutions and causes. Included are materials relating to the West Side Institutional Synagogue, numerous handwritten and typed sermons, correspondence with others on issues such as with the Orthodox Union, regarding Kosher law enforcement, and Agudath Israel, regarding settlement of child Holocaust survivors in Israel. Other institutions represented in the collection include Yeshiva University, the Harry and Jane Fischel Foundation, the National Council of Young Israel, and Mizrachi. Also contains correspondence with Jewish soldiers during World War II, and Goldstein's efforts to acquire kosher food for them, as well as a handwritten note to Goldstein from Supreme Court Justice Louis Brandeis regarding Arab-Jewish relations in Palestine (1940). The collection also contains materials from the organizational activities of Rebecca Goldstein, such as of the Women's Branch of the Orthodox Union and the Women's League of the Institutional Synagogue. Included also is much Goldstein family correspondence and Rebecca Goldstein's personal diaries from 1913-1914, and daily planners from 1925, 1930, 1932, 1936-1938. Finally, the collection contains some correspondence and other records from the rabbinic career and activities of Oscar A. Reichel, Goldstein's son-in-law, who succeeded him as rabbi of the West Side Institutional Synagogue. Rebecca Goldstein (1891-1961) shared her husband's dedication to Jewish communal service. She graduated from Barnard College, and subsequently attended the Columbia University's Teachers College. Rebecca Goldstein was the first president of the Women's Branch of the OU, serving for more than a decade, and was active in the Women's Committee of RIETS. She also established the Women's League of the Institutional Synagogue, as well as the Daughters of the Institutional Synagogue, which focused on motivating and educating the congregation's young women to become actively involved in Jewish life.

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