Papers of Oron J. Hale, 1822-1991 (bulk 1926-1990).


Papers of Oron J. Hale, 1822-1991 (bulk 1926-1990).

The papers contain personal letters, office correspondence, and records relating to Hale's academic activities at the University of Virginia and with the American and Southern Historical Association; declassified copies of intelligence reports and data, together with routine corespondence, memoranda, and administrative documents from his government service in Germany; manuscript drafts and copies of his published writings; genealogical data; photographs of family, friends and travel; and miscellaney. Of interest in the collection are copies of 1945 interrogation reports of high-ranking German officials including Max Amann, Johannes Blaskowitz, Karl Dönitz, Hermann Göring, Hans von Greiffenberg, Heinz Guderian, Edmund Glaise von Horstenau, Adolf Heusinger, Alfred Jodl, Ernst Kaltenbrunner, Wilhelm Keitel, Albert Kesselring, Eugen Maier, Hermann Neubacher, Franz von Papen, Hans Riecke, Hermann Reinecke, Paul Schmidt, Percy Schramm, Wilhelm von Schramm, Arthur Seyss-Inquart and Walter Warlimont. There are also interviews with Manfred Rommel on the fate of Erwin Rommel and with Udo Esch on Gunther von Kluge; reports on Hitler's medical history; von Ribbentrop memorabilia; a signed carbon of a 1936 letter Hitler to Franz von Papen; copies of a 1944 Himmler memoranda; and a 1947 Rudolf Hess letter. Also a memorandum, 1944 January 29, by M[artin] Bormann entitled "Sicherung der Zukunft des Deutachen Volkes" giving Adolf Hitler's plans for recouping population losses suffered as a result of World War II. The collection also contains copies or originals of German documents used by Hale in publications including a letter from Gottfried Feder to Hitler, and Hitler's tax returns. There are also Nazi S.S. documents on security measures following the July 20, 1944, assassination attempt on Hitler; a 1947 letter from Rudolph Hess and assorted documents and letters with original and facsimile signatures of Hitler, Ribbentrop and others. Also of interest are letters to his wife Annette Van Winkle Hale describing Germany in 1945; oral history interview with Charles Moran on his academic career and his government service; State (Land) Commissioner of Bavaria office documents, 1950-1952, on the development of democratic institutions in Germany; and Annette Hale's diary of life in pre-war Germany.

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Rommel, Erwin, 1891-1944 (person)

Blaskowitz, Johannes von, 1883-1948 (person)

Kluge, Günther von 1882-1944 (person)

Hale family. (family)

Rommel, Manfred, 1928-2013 (person)

Heusinger, Adolf, 1897-1982 (person)

Speer, Albert, 1905-1981 (person)

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