Presidents of Oregon State University photographic collection, [ca. 1865-1996].


Presidents of Oregon State University photographic collection, [ca. 1865-1996].

This subject-based collection consists of photographs of all Oregon State University presidents from W.A. Finley through Paul Risser. Includes several images for William Jasper Kerr, George W. Peavy, August L. Strand, and James H. Jensen.

ca. 150 prints, 5 negatives, 6 col. slides, and 1 oil painting.


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Oregon State University Libraries

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Peavy, George Wilcox, 1869-1951 (person)

George Wilcox Peavy was born 12 November 1869 in Howell, Michigan. He received his Bachelor's degree in Liberal Arts at the University of Michigan. He obtained his Master of Science degree in Forestry at his alma mater. After receiving his M.S. degree in Forestry in 1905, he entered the United States Forest Service, during which time he traveled throughout the United States and Europe, observing and writing about forestry use and practices. In 1910 Peavy was selected to become the head of the ne...

Gilfillan, F. A. 1893-1983. (person)

Finley, W. A. 1839-1912. (person)

Young, Roy A. 1921- (person)

Ballard, Frank Llewellyn. (person)

Oregon State university (corporateBody)

Miller, H. B. (person)

Letcher, John D. (person)

Bloss, John McKnight, 1839- (person)

John McKnight Bloss (1839-1905) served as President of Oregon Agricultural College from 1892 until 1896. He entered Hanover College, Indiana in 1854 and received an A.B. degree with honors in 1860; in 1864-1865 he studied medicine at Ohio Medical College in Cincinnati. Bloss fought with the 27th Indiana Volunteer Infantry in General McClellan's Army of the Potomac during the Civil War. On the morning of September 13th, 1862, Sergeant Bloss found what would later be known as "Lee's Lost Dispatch"...

Jensen, James H. (person)

Arnold, B. L. 1839-1892. (person)

Byrne, John Vincent, 1928- (person)

Strand, A. L. 1894- (person)

Kerr, William Jasper, 1863-1947 (person)

Risser, Paul G. (person)

MacVicar, Robert William, 1918- (person)

Robert W. MacVicar, OSU President from 1970 to 1984, was born at Princeton, Minnesota on September 28, 1918. He attended the University of Wyoming, graduating with honors in 1939 with a B.S. degree in Chemistry. MacVicar continued his education at Oklahoma State University where he received a masters degree in Chemistry in 1940. After serving in the Army from 1939 to 1945, MacVicar attended the University of Wisconsin, where he completed his Ph. D. in Biochemistry in 1946. MacVicar returned to O...

Gatch, Thomas L., 1925-1974 (person)