[Roberta Malavenda papers], 1987-1985.


Malavenda, Roberta. [Roberta Malavenda papers], 1987-1985.

[Roberta Malavenda papers], 1987-1985.

The Roberta Malavenda papers, 1978-1985, document her involvement in the National Women's Political Caucus (NWPC), Georgia Women's Political Caucus (GWPC), and National Anti-Klan Network. Her NWPC materials [folders 1-3] contain information on the Affirmative Action Program (1981-1982), leadership lists and form letters (1982) and legislative updates and guidelines (1982). The materials relevant to the GWPC [folder 4] are copies of their newsletter, Women's Political Reporter, (1982-1983). The National Anti-Klan Network materials [folder 5] include the program and hand-outs from the organizations' 3rd annual conference, "Strategies to Counter the Ku Klux Klan: Organizing Effective and Local Response" held in Atlanta, GA, on 18-20 June 1982, as well as newspaper clippings related to the Ku Klux Klan (ca. 1981-1982) and copies of the National Anti-Klan Network Newsletter (1982). Newspaper clippings and articles (1978-1985) related to women's issues are included [folder 6], as well as a copy of Malavenda's scrapbook of news clippings and journal articles (1980-1983) related to women in politics and the ERA [folder 7]. Twenty photographs (b/w and color) [folder 8] pertaining to her activism in all three of the above organizations are provided.

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