Extension and Experiment Station Communications records, 1949-1995.


Extension and Experiment Station Communications records, 1949-1995.

Series I consists of audio tapes and cue sheets of radio programs produced by this office. Series II consists of public service announcement tapes (PSAs). Series III consists of audio tapes used for other productions. Series IV consists of speeches, lectures and interviews audiotaped by this office. Series V consists of news releases: News Tips Home Ec.; Oregon Farm Calendar; Speaking to the Consumer; Food Facts Home Ec.; Tips for Type and Mike. Series VI consists of audio and video projects production records, including costs, correspondence and reports. Series VII consists of reports on Agricultural Communications and on an Extension information project, correspondence about radio broadcasts, lists of award winners, and notes on the Agricultural Conservation Program. Series VIII consists of publications records: index cards listing information on technical papers issued by the Oregon Agricultural Experiment Station costs, information, correspondence, drafts, reviews, and evaluation reports. Series IX consists of biographical files of extension agents and specialists that include data and information sheets, resumes, position announcements, job appointment news releases, and death announcements.

548 audio tapes.


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