Oral history interview with Genelle Paschall Nicholson and Lincoln Paschall, 1989 July 15.


Oral history interview with Genelle Paschall Nicholson and Lincoln Paschall, 1989 July 15.

This interview was conducted on July 15, 1989 as part of the Sierra Madre Oral History Project. The interviewer was Ellen Wood Grijalva.

Transcript: 80 p.Sound recordings: 1 sound cassettee (ca. 60 min. each)


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Sierra Madre Public Library

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Biography / Administrative History The Sierra Madre Historical Society began collecting local history materials in 1931. In 1981, the Jameson Sierra Madre Room was added to the Sierra Madre Public Library in order to house the rare books, California books, and archival collections assembled by the Sierra Madre Historical Society. In 1991, the Preservation Society of Sierra Madre joined with the Historical Society to form the Sierra Madre Hist...

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Genelle Paschall Nicholson was born on June 3, 1917 and her brother Lincoln Paschall was born on April 14, 1926. They have three other siblings; Jack, Jr.; Marilyn; and Jimmy. Their family first came to Sierra Madre, California in 1927. Their father, Jack, had tuberculosis and came to the city because of its high altitude. The family first lived on Mountain Trail, but eventually Jack purchased from Waldo Ward four and a half acres on 310 East Highland Avenue. He built a house on the property, em...

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