Family papers, 1758-1931.


Family papers, 1758-1931.

The collection consists primarily of the journals of Joseph Brinton, his correspondence, and that of his wives, Mary H. and Anna H. Brinton. Joseph's journals document his experiences and religious philosophy. The earlier books focus on his time at Westtown. The later journals details the Wilburite separations, with comments on personalities and events. There are accounts of the meetings of Primitive Friends at Fallsington and Baltimore. The last journal, 1878-1916, includes Joseph's reflections on the earlier events in his life. Correspondents include Susanna Brinton, Jane Smith Brinton, J.W. Howland, Mary B. Hopkins, Charles Brinton, David Brinton, Elma Brinton, David P. Howland, William Brinton, Gulielma Brinton, Cassandra B. Harvey, Jane B. Smith, John L. Kite, James Kite, Thomas Lamborn, Julia A. Sargent, George Pollard, David C. Henderson, Sarah L. Wilson, Thomas H. Whitson, Joseph E. Maule, Joshua Maule, Joseph Walton, Jacob Dingee, Esther Austin, Ebenezer Austin, Ellwood B. Conrad, L.A. Gould, William C. Meader, Thomas B. Gould, James D. Otis, N.B. Coffin, Rebecca E. Lippincott, Rowland H. Hazard, Ella C. James, Samuel Morris, John C. Dillingham, Martha G. Cook, Levi Chase, Abby L. Chase, L.A. White, Rebecca H. Smiley, Anna Chase, Sarah E. Mitchell, Jesse R. Tucker, Mattie Buck, Peace Jones, Mary E. Jones, Susie W. Tucker, Louise D. Campbell, William Hampton, Louisa M. Doudna, Israel Buffinton, and David Purinton.

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Joseph Brinton, a member of the Society of Friends from southeastern Pennsylvania, was active in the Wilburite schisms in the 1850s and 1860's. Born in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania, he attended Westtown School and was an assistant teacher there. Brinton moved to Newport, Rhode Island, in 1851; he lived in the household of Thomas B. Gould, a prominent Wilburite minister. Joseph was Clerk of Rhode Island Monthly Meeting (Conservative) in the early 1860's, but returned to Pennsylvania in 1863. Be...

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