Collection, n.d.-1958.


Feightner, Harold C., d. 1969,. Collection, n.d.-1958.

Collection, n.d.-1958.

The collection contains twelve signed, inscribed portraits of Indiana politicians, one photograph of the ship Chiriqui, and three letters from Indiana politicians to Harold C. Feightner. Feightner acquired the photographs beginning in the 1920s when he worked as a news reporter and editor for the Indianapolis News. His association with Indiana politicians continued until his death in 1969. For this reason the collection reflects Feightner's long career as a confidant within Indiana political circles. The Indiana politicians represented in the collection are as follows: Ralph F. Gates; James P. Goodrich; Harold Handley; Harry G. Leslie; William Ezra Jenner; Frank Martin McHale; Warren T. McCray; Paul V. McNutt; Henry F. Schricker; Thomas Taggart; James E. Watson; and Matthew E. Welsh. Each portrait is signed and inscribed to Feightner. James P. Goodrich, Warren T. McCray, and James E. Watson also wrote letters to Feightner regarding their portraits.

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