Charles R. Bury collection of atomic energy offprints and letters, 1915-1935.


Bury, Charles R. Charles R. Bury collection of atomic energy offprints and letters, 1915-1935.

Charles R. Bury collection of atomic energy offprints and letters, 1915-1935.

The collection consists of a bound volume of offprints on the subject of atomic energy and physics. Also includes three letters laid in on the same topic. Papers include: letter from Niels Bohr to Nature, 24 March 1921, p. 104-107; Correlation of atomic structure and spectra, by Harold S. King, 1922; Langmuir's theory of the arrangements of electrons in atoms and molecules, by Charles R. Bury, 1921; Über die Auffindung des Hafniums und den gegenwärten Stand unserer Kenntnisse von diesem Element, Georg von Hevesy, 1923; Linienspektren und Atombau, von Niels Bohr, 1923. Also, Röntgenspektern und periodisches System der Elemente, N. Bohr und D. Coster, 1923; Über die Anwendung der Quantentheorie auf den Atombau, Niels Bohr, 1923; The structure of the atom, by N. Bohr, 1923; A magneton theory of the structure of the atom, by A.L. Parson, 1915; Quelques remarques sur la définition des acides et des bases, par J.N. Brønsted; Einige Bemerkungen über den Begriff der Säuren und Basen, J.N. Brønsted, 1923; Systems of acids, bases and salts, by Edward C. Franklin, 1924. Several of the papers are presentation copies signed by the author. Also laid in: typed letter from Arthur Smithells, 24 Jan. 1923; handwritten letter from H. Whitaker, 9 Feb. 1923; handwritten letter from C.E. Luckmann (?), 24 July 1927.

1 v. : buckram ; 28 cm.




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