Papers of Theodore Dreiser, 1898-1945.


Dreiser, Theodore, 1871-1945. Papers of Theodore Dreiser, 1898-1945.

Papers of Theodore Dreiser, 1898-1945.

The collection contains 83 manuscripts of works by Dreiser including his novel "Jennie Gerhardt"; short essays, chiefly biographical sketches; poems; stories; interviews; miscellaneous pieces; and galley proofs of "An American Tragedy." Essay topics include William Archer, Philip Armour, Katherine Bloodgood, John Burroughs, Joseph H. Choate, H. Barringer Cox, Louise Cox, Edward Croarkin, Chauncey Depew, William De Morgan, Frank E. Elwell, Louis Fagan, Frank Fowler, Gilbert Gane, Frank Wakely Gunsaulus, Moses Handy, William Dean Howells, John LaFarage, Henry Wadsworth Longfellow, Lillian Nordica, Horace Pingree, Maria Louise Pool, George M. Pullman, Thomas B. Reed, Bayard Taylor, the University of Chicago, J.Q.A. Ward, modern business men, the University of Chicago, The American Museum of Natural History, Armour Institute, American women composers, artists, dramatists, and poets, Brandywine, Cedermere, Cramp Ship Yards, and lynching. Correspondence discusses his writing, publication efforts, critical reaction, censorship, legal suits with publishers, (John Lane Company) and his personal life including friendships, romances and travel. Specific topics include early editorial work, the publication of "Sister Carrie," "The Titan," and "The Genius" in an era of censorship; suppression of "The Genius"; copyright problems; a possible dramatization of "Sister Carrie"; a French translation and a film version of "An American Tragedy"; a hiking trip from Georgia to New Jersey; African-Americans in Savannah; Walt Whitman and Mark Twain; religious views; role of the Author's League of America; dislike of film version of "An American Tragedy"; Norman Duncan; the Fortean Society; respect for Lenin and Trotsky; Caldwell's "Tobacco Road." Miscellaneous material includes the Anti-Vice Commission report on "The Genius"; promotional pamphlets; and clippings pertaining to Dreiser.

350 items.

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