Channing and Popai Liem papers, 1927-1997.


Channing and Popai Liem papers, 1927-1997.

Contains the personal archives of Dr. Channing Liem, a Korean nationalist and diplomat, with the papers of his wife Popai Liem. Dr. Liem's papers include manuscripts, speeches, sermons, correspondence with world leaders, and material related to organizations he founded or led in the United States in his fight for Korean reunification and peace. Much of his writing and correspondence is in Korean. Popai Liem's papers include memoirs, correspondence, and material related to her work with the Korean Patriotic Women's Association.

Originals : 11 boxes, 6 cartons, 12 v., 1 oversize folder (14.5 linear ft.)Copy of "Syngman Rhee vs. Korea," Draft of book (Carton 1, folders 2-3) : also available on microfilm : negative (BNEG Box 3228, 170 frames) and positive.





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