Harry Stephen Keeler papers, 1929-1980.


Harry Stephen Keeler papers, 1929-1980.

Manuscripts, correspondence, notebooks, contracts, and other legal documents, photographs, book jackets, clippings, and other printed materials of Keeler. This collection includes many of his later book-manuscripts which remain unpublished, his writings on plot construction, and biographical and bibliographical articles about Keeler. Among his manuscripts are THE AMAZING WEB, THE CHINESE TICKET MURDER, THE SCARLET MUMMY (in progress), and SING SING NIGHTS. Also, one letter from Edgar Wallace.

34 boxes.

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Wallace, Edgar, 1875-1932

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Edgar Wallace was an English author, born in Greenwich. He was the foster child of a fish porter, served in the Army, 1893-1896, became a journalist, working for Reuters, and held other journalistic positions. He became a prolific and popular author of plays and adventure and suspense novels. From the description of Edgar Wallace letter to Lord Stuart, 1925 Aug. 17. (Pennsylvania State University Libraries). WorldCat record id: 60494917 Edgar Wallace (1875-1932) was a noveli...

Keeler, Harry Stephen, 1890-

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Author, editor. Keeler (1890-1967) was the very prolific author of nearly 100 long and intricately plotted murder mystery and adventure novels which were published in English from 1924 until 1953 and continued to appear in Spanish translation long after his death. Some of his works were co-written with his first wife, Hazel Goodwin Keeler, and also with his second wife, Thelma Rinaldo Eaton Keeler. He and Hazel G. Keeler were also the editors of 10-STORY BOOK magazine. ...

Keeler, Hazel Goodwin

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Keeler, Thelma Rinaldo Eaton.

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