New York Architectural Terra-Cotta Company records, 1892-1921 (bulk, circa 1911-1920).


New York Architectural Terra-Cotta Company records, 1892-1921 (bulk, circa 1911-1920).

Files of the company, 1911-1920, much of which consists of unsucessful architectural bid documents, each noting the architect, building, and location, as well as estimated costs, sketches, and related correspondents. These bid documents represent commissions not awarded to NYATCC, and do, in some cases, indicate the outcome of the bid. Architects represented include McKim, Mead & White; Cass Gilbert; George Post; D.H. Burnham & Company; Warren & Wetmore, Schwartz & Gross, and many others. Also includes correspondence and office memoranda, including some describing the formative years, 1911-1914, of the National Terra Cotta Society, trade catalogs, and job photographs. Also, two albums containing photographs of sample pieces of terra cotta, and month by month construction records for three buildings, including the American Theater (42nd Street, New York, 1892) by Charles Coolidge Haight; the Renaissance Apartments (Brooklyn, N.Y., 1889) and the Imperial Apartments (Brooklyn, N.Y., 1890) both by Montrose Morris.

ca. 6,000 files.

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Carrè€re & Hastings. (corporateBody)

Originally built by Alexander Jackson Davis for Charles A. Davis (no relation) 1846. cf. Garmey, Stephen. Grammercy Park, an illustrated history of a New York neighborhood / by Stephen Garmey ; foreword by Paul Goldberger; contemporary photographs by Philip Howard. [New York] : Balsam Press: distributed by Kampmann & Co., c1984. From the description of [Episcopal residence] No. 7 Granacy [i.e. Gramercy] Park, N.Y. [graphic] : [Alterations] / [Carrè€re and Hastings]. [circa 1904]....

Smith, Morrell. (person)

Bowery Theatre. (corporateBody)

Ballinger & Perrot (corporateBody)

Lyons, Robert T. (American architect, contemporary) (person)

Moore & Landsiedel. (corporateBody)

Carpenter, J. E. R. 1867-1932. (person)

Raritan Clay Co. (corporateBody)

Kansas City Terra Cotta Co. (corporateBody)

Stoddart, W. L. (person)

Roth, Emery, 1871-1948 (person)

Now named the Mayfair Regent Hotel. From the description of 15 story apartment hotel at 56-60 East 65th Street, New York City [graphic] / Emery Roth. 1924. (Columbia University In the City of New York). WorldCat record id: 82963171 Emery Roth was an architect specializing in apartment house design. Born in Czechoslovakia and orphaned at the age of 13, he came to the United States to live with an uncle in Chicago, Ill. Roth was educated in Chicago, but served his architectura...

Kahn, Albert, 1869-1942 (person)

Architect, Bloomfield Hills, Mich. From the description of Albert Kahn papers, 1888-1973. (Unknown). WorldCat record id: 122594234 From the description of Albert Kahn papers, 1888-1973. (Unknown). WorldCat record id: 744425614 Albert Kahn and Cass Gilbert were both prominent architects. From the description of Albert Kahn business correspondence, 1908-1927 (bulk 1908-1909). (New-York Historical Society Library). WorldCat record id: 712650461 Alb...

Trumbauer, Horace, 1869-1938 (person)

Horace Trumbauer Born in the Frankford section of Philadelphia in 1868, Horace Trumbauer left school at the age of fourteen and entered the architectural firm of G. W. and W. D. Hewitt as an "errand boy". He was soon promoted to draftsman. Trumbauer's advancement and acquisition of knowledge enabled him to eventually open his own office in 1890. Trumbauer's first major commission was a mansion in Glenside, Pennsylvania, for sugar baron William Welsh Harrison....

Wenderoth, Oscar (person)

Corning Terra Cotta Co. (corporateBody)

Bossom, Alfred C., 1881-1965 (person)

Rockingham County, Va., architect. From the description of Architectural drawings for the People's Bank Building, Harrisonburg, Va. [manuscript], 1916. (University of Virginia). WorldCat record id: 647821715 ...

Wetmore, James A., 1863-1940 (person)

Guilbert and Betelle. (corporateBody)

Taylor, James Knox. (person)

Ludlow & Peabody (corporateBody)

Meyers, Charles B. (Charles Bradford), 1875-1958 (person)

O.W. Ketcham Terra Cotta Co. (corporateBody)

Keister, George. (person)

Buchman & Fox (corporateBody)

Holabird & Roche (Chicago, Ill.) (corporateBody)

Stearns & Castor (corporateBody)

Potter, Wilson. (person)

Northwestern Terra Cotta Company (corporateBody)

Northwestern Terra Cotta Company was Chicago's largest manufacturer of architectural terra cotta. With headquarters at 1750 Wrightwood Avenue in Chicago, NWTC operated from ca. 1877 until its last factory, located in Denver, closed its doors in 1965. The firm was a leader in development of the architectural terra cotta industry and provided building elements for numerous Chicago buildings, including the Wrigley Building, Chicago Theatre, and Civic Opera House. From the description of...

Midland Terra Cotta Co. (corporateBody)

Indianapolis Terra Cotta Co. (corporateBody)

Rouse & Goldstone. (corporateBody)

Walker and Weeks (Firm) (corporateBody)

Gilbert, C. P. H. (Charles Pierrepont H.), 1861-1952 (person)

Goldwin Starrett & Van Vleck (corporateBody)

Lamb, Thos. W. (Thomas White), 1871-1942 (person)

Conkling-Armstrong Terra Cotta Co. (corporateBody)

Levitan, Benjamin W., 1878-1941. (person)

Blum, Edward. (person)

Blum, George P., 1932- (person)

Hahn, Edward H. (person)

Rowland, John T., 1872?-1945. (person)

York & Sawyer (corporateBody)

At the time of this project the address of York & Sawyer was given as 100 E. 42nd St. (New York, N.Y.). From the description of The New York Academy of Medicine, Fifth Avenue and 103rd Street, New York, [N.Y.] [graphic] : [detail drawings] / York & Sawyer, architects. May 18, 1925-July 8, 1926. (Columbia University In the City of New York). WorldCat record id: 78334996 At the time of this project the address of York & Sawyer was given as 50 East 41st St. (New Yor...

George B. Post & Sons (corporateBody)

Renwick, Aspinwall & Tucker (corporateBody)

Imperial Apartments (Brooklyn, New York, N.Y.) (corporateBody)

Mowbray & Uffinger (corporateBody)

Sass & Springsteen. (corporateBody)

Shampan & Shampan. (corporateBody)

Richards, McCarthy & Bulford, architects. (corporateBody)

Kahn & Wilby. (corporateBody)

Murphy & Olmsted. (corporateBody)

Haight, Charles Coolidge, 1841-1917 (person)

Born in New York City in 1841, Haight received his bachelor's degree from Columbia College in 1861 and enlisted in the Union Army in the following year. After his discharge, Haight returned to New York to work for Emlyn Little, a fellow soldier. Haight opened his private practice in New York in 1867 and was later joined in partnership by Alfred Morton Githens. Haight received numerous commissions for residential and institutional work, and was the principal architect of the Midtown New York City...

Central Terra Cotta Co. (corporateBody)

Merchant, Alexander. (person)

Leeds Fireclay Co. (corporateBody)

Fanning, William H. W. (William Henry Windsor), 1861- (person)

Warren & Wetmore (corporateBody)

Regarding the Aeolian Hall, the following information can be found in the 1988 AIA Guide to New York City: "City University Graduate Center, CUNY/originally Aeolian Hall . . . 1912. Warren & Wetmore. Redesigned, 1970, Carl J. Petrilli & Assocs. What was once a concert hall and then a five-and-ten is now a bluestone-floored pedestrian arcade forming an elegant shortcut between 42nd and 43rd Streets. . . . George Gershwin introduced Rhapsody in Blue in Aeolian Hall with Paul Whiteman's Orc...

Gompert, William H., 1875-1946 (person)

Winkle Terra Cotta Co. (corporateBody)

H.E. Kennedy Co. (corporateBody)

Washington Terra Cotta Co. (corporateBody)

Snyder, C. B. J., 1860-1945 (person)

Neville & Bagge (corporateBody)

Kreymborg Architectural Co. (corporateBody)

Crane, C. Howard (Charles Howard), 1885-1952 (person)

Harpster & Bliss. (corporateBody)

Ajello, Gaetan. (person)

Tilton, Edward L. (Edward Lippincott), 1861-1933 (person)

Post, George Browne, 1837-1913 (person)

Maynicke & Franke (corporateBody)

Doulton Terra Cotta Co. (corporateBody)

McKenzie, Voorhees & Gmelin (corporateBody)

St. Louis Terra Cotta Co. (corporateBody)

Esenwein & Johnson (Firm) (corporateBody)

Chesapeake Terra Cotta Co. (corporateBody)

Mills, Rhines, Bellman and Nordhoff. (corporateBody)

McKim, Mead & White (corporateBody)

At the time of this project the address of McKim, Mead & White was given as 160 Fifth Ave. (New York, N.Y.). From the description of Prospect Park, entrance shelters at Plaza entrance, [Brooklyn, New York, N.Y.] [graphic] : [detail drawing of dome in section and plan] / McKim, Mead & White, architects. Aug.24, 1895. (Columbia University In the City of New York). WorldCat record id: 78960919 Architectural company. From the description of Photographs, [ca. ...

New Jersey Terra Cotta Co. (corporateBody)

Clinton & Russell (corporateBody)

South Amboy Terra Cotta Co. (corporateBody)

D.H. Burnham & Co. (corporateBody)

Hardenbergh, H. J. (Henry Janeway), 1847-1918 (person)

New York Architectural Terra-Cotta Company (Long Island City, New York, N.Y.) (corporateBody)

The New York Architectural Terra-Cotta Company (NYATCC) was in operation at 401 Vernon Avenue in Long Island City, Queens, New York, from 1886 to 1932. Of the forty-eight major terra cotta manufacturers in the United States, it was the only company that operated its plant in New York City. The NYATCC supplied architectural terra cotta for projects throughout the United States and Canada, including over 2,000 buildings. Among their most prominent commissions are Carnegie Hall and the Plaza Hotel ...

Zipkes, Maximillian. (person)

Dennison & Hirons (corporateBody)

Pelham, George F. (George Frederick), 1866-1937 (person)

National Terra Cotta Society (corporateBody)

Milburn, Heister & Co. (corporateBody)

Rutan and Russell. (corporateBody)

Helmle & Corbett (corporateBody)

Dorrence Terra Cotta Co. (corporateBody)

Maryland Terra Cotta Co. (corporateBody)

Lehman, William E. (William Eckart), 1821-1895 (person)

Gronenberg and Leuchtag. (corporateBody)

Bickel, Charles. (person)

Gilbert, Cass, 1859-1934 (person)

Cass Gilbert was born on November 24, 1859, in Zanesville, Ohio, the son of General and Mrs. Samuel Augustus Gilbert. He received his education at MacAlester College, St. Paul, Minnesota and attended the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in Cambridge after working in a St. Paul architect's office. Following graduation, he traveled throughout Europe and upon his return, entered the office of McKim, Mead, and White, Architects in New York City. A year later, in 1882, he established his own off...

Weber, Werner & Adkins. (corporateBody)

Zettel & Rapp. (corporateBody)

Stanley & Scheibel. (corporateBody)

Smith, Hinchman, and Grylls, inc. (corporateBody)

Detroit, Michigan, architects. From the description of Smith, Hinchman and Grylls, inc. architectural drawings, 1936-1937. (University of Michigan). WorldCat record id: 81569126 ...

Furness, Evans & Co. (corporateBody)

Furness, Evans & Co. was the architectural firm of Walter Rogers Furness, son of Horace Howard Furness. From the description of Letter to Horace Howard Furness, 1894. (University of Pennsylvania Library). WorldCat record id: 155883302 Frank Furness practiced architecture in Philadelphia under the firm names Fraser, Furness & Hewitt (1867-1871), Furness & Hewitt (1871-1875). Frank Furness (1876-1880), Furness & Evans (1881-1885) and Furness, Evans & Co. fr...

American Terra Cotta Corporation (corporateBody)

Brick Terra Cotta and Tile Co. (corporateBody)

Bair, Harry S. (person)

Advanced Terra Cotta Co. (corporateBody)

Proudfoot, Bird and Rawson (corporateBody)

Holmes and Winslow. (corporateBody)

Marshall & Fox (Firm) (corporateBody)

The son of a wealthy miller, Benjamin Marshall was born in Chicago in 1874 and attended a South Side prep school, the Harvard School in Kenwood. Although he received no formal education in architecture, he apprenticed with the firm of Marble and Wilson from 1893 to 1895. Upon the death of Marble, he was made a partner in the firm after only two years as an apprentice. Following an extended European trip, Marshall started his own firm in 1902. During the next three years, he establis...

Fichter & Brooker. (corporateBody)

Atlantic Terra Cotta Company (New York, N.Y.) (corporateBody)

Atlantic Terra Cotta Co., based in Atlanta, was the largest producer of terra cotta during the company's peak years of production (1900-1929). From the description of Atlantic Terra Cotta Co. Records, 1914-1941. (University of Texas Libraries). WorldCat record id: 27492797 Related photographs in Staten Island Geographic Photograph File and Miscellaneous Staten Island Photographs Collection. From the description of Atlantic Terra Cotta Company records, 1889-1983. ...

Sommerfeld & Steckler. (corporateBody)

White Acre of Ohio Terra Cotta Co. (corporateBody)

Boyland, John Tang (person)

Goldner & Goldberg. (corporateBody)

Gladding McBean Terra Cotta Co. (corporateBody)

Nirdlinger, M. (person)

Schwartz & Gross (corporateBody)

Windrim, John T. (John Torrey), 1866-1934 (person)

Morris, Montrose. (person)

Pilcher, Lewis Stephen, 1845-1934 (person)

Henry Austin Martin, physician, of Boston, Mass.; brought what he called true animal vaccine to the United States in 1870; author of Tracheotomy without tube (Philadelphia, 1878). From the description of Letter : Brooklyn, N.Y., to Henry Austin Martin, 1881 Mar. 5 (Brown University). WorldCat record id: 768121854 ...

Thomas, Andrew J. (person)

Renaissance Apartments (Brooklyn, New York, N.Y.) (corporateBody)

Federal Terra Cotta Co. (corporateBody)

Townsend, Steinle and Haskell. (corporateBody)

Atlanta Terra Cotta Company. (corporateBody)

Buchman & Kahn (corporateBody)

Shattuck and Hussey. (corporateBody)

Westinghouse, Church, Kerr & Company. (corporateBody)

Tooker and Marsh (corporateBody)

Jallade, Louis E. (Louis Eugene), 1876-1957 (person)