[Records]. 1873-1945.


Farr Alpaca Company. [Records].

[Records]. 1873-1945.

Includes by-laws and meeting minutes of the Board of Directors, 1873-1941; liquidation records; stockholders' ledgers, 1873-1940; and legal and property records, 1873-1929. Also includes liquidation records, 1937-1939; budget materials, 1937-1939; tax and insurance reports, 1927-1938; incoming general correspondence, 1975-1909; correspondence from selling agents, 1876-1909; incoming miscellaneous correspondence, 1877-1912; and copies of outgoing correspondence, 1876-1912. Also contains financial records of accounting operations, 1874-1940; purchasing records, 1874-1940; sales books and journals, invoice and order books, 1874-1929; labor records, including payroll, 1874-1938, time books, 1874-1918, and miscellaneous information, 1880-1937; and production records, 1884-1925.

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The company began as a small mill, the Randall Farr Co., in Hespeler, Ontario at the end of the 1860's. It was founded by Herbert M. Farr and his two uncles and produced knitted goods and then alpaca worsteds. To offset tariffs, the company decided to move to the U.S.; after approaching different communities, the company found the necessary support in Holyoke, Mass. The Farr Alpaca Co. was incorporated on Nov. 13, 1873 by Herbert Farr, Jared Beebe, Joseph C. Parsons, Andrew Allyn, J...

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