A Prospect on the River Manyfold at Wetton-Mill [graphic] / T. Smith Pinx. et Fecit in Aquafor; Termin Pr G. Scotin. July 29 1743.


A Prospect on the River Manyfold at Wetton-Mill [graphic] / T. Smith Pinx. et Fecit in Aquafor; Termin Pr G. Scotin. July 29 1743.

No. 3; titled on an elaborate cartouche. Landscape with a sharp bend in the Manifold river and cliffs at right, two men in the foreground, one reclined and the other standing, pointing at the rock; cattle and sheep grazing in centre, water-mill beyond beside waterfall at left, hills in background. According to Smith "WETTON MILL is in Staffordshire, on the River MANIFOLD. In this beautiful place is an Ampitheare of Rocks, some of which are very high, and at the Foot of 'em runs the River almost round a rich Lawn of 8 or 9 Acres of Land. About 60 Yards out of this VIEW the River runs into irregular Arches in the Face of a high Rock, and is seen no more until it breaks out under another Rock of the same kind, at the Bottom of Mr Port's Gardens at Ilam, which is 4 long miles from the Place where it loses it self. All these Rocks are Marble of surprising Beauty: Those on the Side of WETTON MILL belong to his Grace the Duke of Devonshire, and those on the other side, with the Lawn, (which is in the Grindon Parish), to the Right Honourable the Lord Gower. / To which Noble Proprietors this VIEW is humbly inscrib'd, / By their most Dutiful and Obedient Servant, / T. S." [see Maps K.Top.11.19.a].

1 print: etching and engraving; platemark 391 x 543 mm.


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