[Letter from Sir Thomas Stamford Raffles to Sir Everard Home], 1818 August 15. 1818.


Raffles, Thomas Stamford, Sir, 1781-1826. [Letter from Sir Thomas Stamford Raffles to Sir Everard Home], 1818 August 15.

[Letter from Sir Thomas Stamford Raffles to Sir Everard Home], 1818 August 15. 1818.

Raffles arrived in Bencoolen on 20th March 1818. He had developed an interest in natural history from a young age and eagerly followed the progress of "our Sumatran naturalist", Dr. Arnold. This letter was hand-carried by Dr. Horsfield, a naturalist who "has been sixteen years in Java and his Collections afford ample materials for the Natural History of Java ... ". Raffles provides an introduction for Horsfield on his first visit to England and recommends both the man and his work, which Horsfield is trying to publish. Raffles also reports the death of Sr. Arnold, "our Sumatran naturalist", and goes on to report to Home the discovery of the largest plant known to man: "I have written to Sir Joseph [Banks] and sent him a Drawing of a most magnificent Plant, the largest I apprehend that has yet been discovered in any part of the globe. I would have suggested that as this was discovered & described by poor Arnold a short time before his death and on an excursion that cost him his life, it should if new, bear his Name, but I did not like to take the liberty - will you therefore as a friend act in this as far as you think proper." [The plant was named Rafflesia arnoldii] Raffles reports further on his tour of the Menangcabou region and on the importance and fertility of Sumatra. He requests a new naturalist and books and journals.

[8] p. on 2 folded leaves ; 25 x 20 cm.

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