Probate records of Boston printers [photostats], 1803-1824.


Probate records of Boston printers [photostats], 1803-1824.

Biographical material gathered by researcher Rollo G. Silver on printers working in Boston, Mass., 1803-24. Includes photostats of wills and estate inventories of Abijah Adams, Joshua Belcher, Elijah Billings, John Boyle, William Burdick, James Cutler, Benjamin Edes, John Eliot, John Fleet, Simon Gardner, Samuel Hall, David Hollis, Solomon G. Low, Andrew Newell, Ebenezer Rhoades, Adam Walker, Job Weeden, and others. Original probate records are housed at the Massachusetts State Archives.

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Boyle, John, 1746-1819 (person)

John Boyle was a chronicler of events in Boston and New England during the American Revolution. From the description of A journal of occurrences in Boston : manuscripts 1759-1778. (Harvard University). WorldCat record id: 79909252 From the guide to the John Boyle, A journal of occurrences in Boston, 1759-1778., (Houghton Library, Harvard College Library, Harvard University) ...

Gardner, Simon, 1790-1824 (person)

Edes, Benjamin, 1732-1803 (person)

Belcher, Joshua, 1784?-1816 (person)

Hall, Simon, 1740-1807. (person)

Rhoades, Ebenezer, 1775?-1818 (person)

Hollis, David, d. 1821. (person)

Eliot, John, 1787-1819 (person)

Weeden, Job, 1756?-1820 (person)

Cutler, James, 1774-1818 (person)

James Cutler was a printer at Boston, Mass. William Sullivan, 1774-1839 was a Boston lawyer, Federalist, and author. From the description of James Cutler letter, 1797. (University of Georgia). WorldCat record id: 294828321 ...

Billings, Elijah, d. 1819. (person)

Fleet, John, 1734-1806 (person)

The Boston Evening Post, published on Monday evenings, was a continuation of Jeremiah Gridley's Weekly Rehearsal, renamed in August 1735 after Thomas Fleet (1685-1758) became its printer and editor. The newspaper was published by Fleet until his death in July 1758, and thereafter by his sons, Thomas Jr. and John. Its final issue was published on April 24, 1775, during increasing instability in pre-Revolutionary Boston. From the guide to the Boston Evening Post letters, 1769-1778, (Wi...

Walker, Adam, d. 1818. (person)

Adams, Abijah, 1754?-1816 (person)

Abijah Adams's daughter, Maryanne, attended school in Medford, Mass., married John Roberts, and died, leaving two small children. She was buried with her parents in Tomb 92, Central (Granary?) Burying Ground, Boston. From the description of Letter, 1808. (Harvard University). WorldCat record id: 232007505 ...

Low, Solomon Gorham, 1792-1822 (person)

Burdick, William, 1774-1817 (person)

Newell, Andrew, d. 1808. (person)