Louisville Male High School (Louisville, Ky.) : records, 1856-1915.


Louisville Male High School. Louisville Male High School (Louisville, Ky.) : records, 1856-1915.

Louisville Male High School (Louisville, Ky.) : records, 1856-1915.

Records consist of student register and attendance records, 1856-1863; notes from faculty meetings, 1881-1886, with academic commendations, deportment, demerits and character book, 1867-1890; student register books, 1890-1897, giving guardians and home addresses; monthly attendance records, 1891-1898; register and address records for school years, 1898-1899 through 1912-1913; and register and class schedules for the 1913-1915 school years.

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Kastenbine, Lewis B., 1839-1903.

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Miller, Neville, 1894-1977

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Neville Miller (1894-1977) was the son of Shackelford Miller, Chief Justice of the Kentucky Court of Appeals, and his wife Mary. He attended Louisville Male High School before he earned his bachelor's degree at Princeton in 1916 and his law degree from Harvard Law School in 1920. He became first dean of the Louis D. Brandeis School of Law at the University of Louisville in 1930. He was mayor of Louisville from 1933 to 1937. In 1945, Miller opened a private law practice in Washington, D.C. ...

Louisville Male High School.

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Speed, James B. 1844-1912.

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Pirtle, James S. (James Speed), 1840-1919

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Belknap, William Richardson, 1849-1914.

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O'Neal, Emmett, 1887-1967.

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Parsons, Edward Young, 1842-1876

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Harrison, William Benjamin, 1889-1948.

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William Benjamin Harrison was born in Louisville in1889. He was educated at Louisville Male High School and the University of Virginia, graduating with a law degree in 1910. He served as a captain in the army during World War I and returned to Louisville work for Kentucky Refrigerating Company and Foundry Products Co. In 1927 he was elected to a two year term as Mayor of Louisville after the Kentucky Court of Appeals threw out the election of Republican Arthur A. Wills. He was elected to a full ...

Willis, Albert S. (Albert Shelby), 1843-1897

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Louisville lawyer, U.S. congressman, and diplomat. From the description of Letter book, 1893-1895. (Filson Historical Society, The). WorldCat record id: 49479317 Lawyer, politician, congressman. Albert Shelby Willis was born in Shelbyville, Kentucky. He graduated from the University of Louisville Law School in 1866 and served in the U.S. Congress from 1877-1887. From the description of Albert Shelby Willis Political Scrapbooks, 1866-1886....

Halleck, Reuben Post, 1859-1936

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Seelbach, Louis, b. 1890.

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