St. Mary's Falls Ship Canal : map, plans and specifications, 1852-1858.


St. Mary's Falls Ship Canal : map, plans and specifications, 1852-1858.

Series 49-51 of record group 58-17 consists of twelve items relating to the Saint Mary's Falls Ship Canal. The first group of items is a map and plans and specifications of the St. Mary's Falls Canal. The map of the canal at the Sault Ste. Mary is from a survey by Capt. Canfield and Judge Burt, drawn by John Holcroft and lithographed by R. Berger of Detroit. The plans and specifications concern the construction of the locks, gates, caissons, and other areas of the canal. The second group of items are plans and contracts of Sault Ste. Marie (1853). The final item is a map of the lower peninsula showing land of, railroads, mills, and lighthouses of the St. Mary's Falls Ship Canal (1858), lithographed by S.D. Elwood of Detroit.

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Burger, R. (Robert) (person)

Burt, William Austin, 1792-1858 (person)

Born in Worcester, Massachusetts, June 13, 1792; received a good education; was for some time an engineer in Erie, New York; came to Michigan, 1822; member of territorial council, 1826-27; settled in Washtenaw County, 1824; engaged in mill-building and local surveying, 1824-33; County surveyor, Macomb Co., 1831-34; Postmaster of Mt. Vernon for 24 years; invented solar compass; surveyed Upper Peninsula 1840-27; discovered 20 beds of iron ore, 1844-46; representative from Macomb County, 1853-1843;...

Holcroft, John. (person)

Elwood, S. D. (person)

Canfield, Augustus, d. 1854. (person)