Natural history manuscripts collected by Cromwell Mortimer, 1746-1749.


Natural history manuscripts collected by Cromwell Mortimer, 1746-1749.

The collection consists of manuscripts and letters on scientific subjects collected for publication in the transactions of the Royal Society and annotated by Mortimer as follows. The collection contains "An account of the remarkable case and cure of a woman, from whom a foetus was extracted, that had been lodged thirteen years in one of the Fallopian Tubes" by James Mounsey, M.D., a physician to the Russian Army. With these is an abstract of Mounsey's account by Henry Baker to accompany his presentation of the bones to the Royal Society. In a letter to Martin Folkes, Baker discusses Mounsey's observations on the concretions called "Crabs' Eyes" in the stomachs of crayfish and his conclusion that the Quab fish is not the third stage in the development of the frog. A letter from John Ellicott to Martin Folkes, with an annotation by Folkes, concerns a memoire by Abbé Nollet on the effects of "electrical effluvia" on plants and animals. A partial letter by Abbé Nollet to Martin Folkes, discusses electrical phenomena. A partial manuscript (lacks first four pages) by Sir William Watson discusses electrical experiments including those conducted by Benjamin Franklin "an ingenious gentleman ... in Pennsylvania." A letter from Maurice Johnson to James Jurin, concerns a metallic thermometer in the Museum of the Spalding Gentleman's Society, and is accompanied by a sketch, and a note by Mortimer in which he claims to have constructed a thermometer in 1735 and reported it to Buffon. A copy of a letter to the President of the Royal Society from the Rev. Richard Pococke, describes the Giant's Causeway, County Antrim, Ireland. An abstract of a letter from Father Buonaventura Suares to Dr. Jacob de Castro Sarmento, discusses moons of Jupiter and lunar eclipses. With it are a printed page on lunar eclipses in Paraguay in 1708 and a manuscripts on solar eclipses, 1706-1730. A manuscript by Thomas Simpson describes "the motion of projectiles near the Earth's surface considered independent of the properties of the conic sections" with accompanying diagrams designed for "gentlemen employed in the practice of gunnery." An abstract of a letter from William Anderson to [Henry?] Baker, concerns the hearing of fish. The Revd. Mr. [Thomas?] Birch copies and transcribes an inscription from a Roman altar found upon the moor at Stanhope in the Bishopric of Durham.

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