Paul Myron Wentworth Linebarger reminiscences 1937-1938.


Paul Myron Wentworth Linebarger reminiscences 1937-1938.

The volume which forms this collection is a bound, carbon copy typescript entitled "China Smiles Through" dictated by Paul Myron Wentworth Linebarger. The articles within the typescript describe Linebarger's overseas work in recruiting members for Sun Yat-sen's party and his support of the revolutionary campaigns. He includes anecdotes of daily encounters with the Chinese people and meetings with Chiang Kai-shek, Eugene Chen, and other revolutionary leaders. The articles indicate Linebarger's impressions of American missionaries and journalists as well as his opinion of the unequal treaties which allowed foreigners immunity from Chinese law. Several news clippings are attached at the back of the typescript which note Linebarger's 1938 speeches in the United States.

1 v. (359 p.)

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