Letter 1904, February 11, Brooklyn, New York to Mr. Edwin Markham, Staten Island / Cyrus Townsend Brady. 1904.


Letter 1904, February 11, Brooklyn, New York to Mr. Edwin Markham, Staten Island / Cyrus Townsend Brady. 1904.

He admits that he had forgotten to send the books, that Mr. Markham had requested. He informs him that these books will be of great interest to Mr. Markham. Books such as, "History of Central America" by H.H. Bancroft, "Johnston's Pirates", "Thornbury" by Burney, and "The Buccaneers". Also he says he has written a paper on South American History for "The Cosmopolitan". He also published book which, contains a paper on Sir Henry Morgan, one on De Soto, and two on Blackbeard and Stede Bonnet.

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Wagner College, Horrmann Library

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