Papers, 1908-1970.


Hardman, J. B. S. (Jacob Benjamin Salutsky), 1882-1968. Papers, 1908-1970.

Papers, 1908-1970.

The papers contain personal correspondence (1908-1953), business correspondence (1925-1968), biographical material, writings by Hardman, on labor and politics, manuscript and published articles by others sent to him for editorial comment, material on labor and political activities, and clippings on labor-related issues. Early personal correspondence, much of it in Russian and Yiddish, is with family members, including Hardman's wife, Hannah Goldenstein Hardman. Later correspondence with Louis Corey, Babette Deutsch, John Dewey, Waldo Frank, Harold L. Ickes, Ludwig Lore, C. Wright Mills, Philip Murray, A. J. Muste, Selig Perlman, Raymond Postgate, and C. E. Ruthenberg, relates chiefly to Hardman's writing and editorial activities for the Amalgamated Clothing Workers of America as editor of its publication Advance (1925-1944), for the Inter-Union Institute for Labor and Democracy as editor of Labor and Nation (1945-1953), as president of the American Labor Press Association during World War II, and as research director of the Labor Leadership Study sponsored by Columbia University's Council for Research in the Social Sciences (1949-1960). Biographical material includes uncompleted manuscript of Odyssey, an autobiography, and files on Hardman's family and his early life, his long association with ACWA, Brookwood Labor College (1932-1933), and Jewish Socialist Federation (1920-1921). Also included are records (1942-53) of the Inter-Union Institute, incomplete committee minutes and copies of papers presented by various scholars and unionists for the Columbia University Seminars on Labor (1948-1967), and material relating to the Workers Party, particularly Hardman's expulsion in 1923, Conference for Progressive Labor Action, American Workers Party (1933-1934), survey on attitudes of labor leaders done for Elmo Roper and Louis Harris by Hardman in 1950, and material on Hanna Goldstein Hardman's studies at the New York School of Philanthropy and her work on immigrants.

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