Papers, 1914-1951.


Dunne, William F. Papers, 1914-1951.

Papers, 1914-1951.

The collection consists mainly of manuscripts, correspondence, newspaper clippings, speeches and reports. Series I features a scrapbook which documents Dunne's life and activities in Butte. Most of the correspondence in series II is with his wife Marguerite, and dates from his Navy service in the Aleutian Islands, 1944-45. Prominent communist correspondents include William Z. Foster, Mike Gold and Sam Darcy. Series III contains speeches, clippings, reports and other materials documenting Dunne's activities in Butte, and his expulsion from the Communist Party. Series IV contains brief statements of Dunne's views on current events, the labor movement, criticism of the Communist Party and open letters to individuals and publications. Series V, Manuscripts, comprises half the collection. These often undated pieces were written from the mid-1930's onward, after Dunne's role in the CPUSA was diminished. Few were published, although Dunne made extensive efforts to publish his "History of the Communist Party" and "Trade Unions in the United States." Dunne's "Survey of the Negro Press" seems to have been purchased by a major film company.

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