George Newbold papers, 1801-1858.


George Newbold papers, 1801-1858.

Correspondence, account books, bank books, invoices, and related financial and legal documents, 1801-1858, of ironmonger, merchant, and banker George Newbold of New York City. Papers include relatively few letters from 1812-1819, although Newbold commenced a long-lasting correspondence with George Griswold of New York City in 1814. During the period following 1820, his correspondence becomes more numerous and its content focuses on his professional activities and concerns as cashier and, from 1832-1858, president, of the Bank of America. The letters concern such matters as Joshua Forman's project of a law to regulate the banking operations of New York; the settlement of De Witt Clinton's debt to the bank of America; activities of the Greek Committee of New York in 1828; resumption of specie payments; pet banks; legislation affecting banks; his own business interests; etc. His correspondents from this period include: William H. Aspinwall in Paris; Dr. John Atlee of Lancaster, Pennsylvania; Priscilla Barker of Baltimore; Leonard Corning of New orleans; Corcoran & Riggs, Washington, D.C.; Edward Cruft, Boston; Thomas Cummings; Thomas Ellicott of Baltimore; Joseph R. Evans of Philadelphia; Asa Fitch, Jr.; William G. Hewes of New Orleans; his attorney Alfred Lathrop; Cornelius W. Lawrence of Washington, D.C. (including many private and confidential letters from him); Isidore Lowenstern; Charles L. Mathews; Clayton Newbold; Walter Newbold; Thomas W. Olcott; N. M. Rothschild & Sona (including copies of Newbold's letters on the financial state of the United States); letters from Newbold to Groesbeck & Co.; Charles S. Todd of St. Petersburg, Russia; Bartholomew Wistar, Philadelphia; Levi Woodbury; et al.

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