French revolutionary pamphlets, 1792-1928.


French revolutionary pamphlets, 1792-1928.

Nineteen of the documents in this collection were written by revolutionary leaders on topics pertaining to the business of the National Convention or the Committee of Public Safety. The publications are titled as reports to the National Convention, discourses (speeches), extracts, and exposés. They discuss topics such as foreign political relations, moral and philosophical foundations for the Republican Government, possible conspiracies against the Convention, and the problems associated with criminal activities in Paris. They were published between 1793 and 1801 and most are dated using the Revolutionary Calendar. There are three pamphlets written by Robespierre and the authors of other pamphlets include: Barère; Saint-Just; Billard-Varenne; Brissot; the Duke of Orleans; and, Louvet. The remaining twelve documents were published between 1857 and 1928 and concern events of French Revolution or are biographies of its leading figures. Here, information about Marat, Danton, Charlotte Corday, and Charlotte Robespierre is presented. Some documents were not fully cut and must be unfolded to view.

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