Autograph letters signed from Richard Owen, London, to various recipients [manuscript], 1850-1883.


Owen, Richard, 1804-1892,. Autograph letters signed from Richard Owen, London, to various recipients [manuscript], 1850-1883.

Autograph letters signed from Richard Owen, London, to various recipients [manuscript], 1850-1883.

Recipients: Mrs. Dixon, Mrs. C. Allison [F?]ellows, and Mr. Dallas. (1), dated July 24, 1850 from the Royal College of Surgeons, concerns his and Mr. Sowerby's contributions to an unnamed work (probably the posthumous publication of Frederick Dixon's The geology and fossils of the Tertiary and Cretaceous formations of Sussex). (2), dated 12th May 1870 from the British Museum, concerns the Darmstadt death mask. Also with (2), the accompanying envelope addressed to Mrs. [F?]ellows at Osborne Terrace, Wolverhampton. (3), dated 11 May, 1883 on letterhead of the British Museum (Natural History), thanks Dallas for his note; if he had a day's notice of an artist coming, he would be able to show him the specimens.

3 items ; 19 x 12 cm.

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