Typed letter signed : Silver Lake, N.H., to Mina Curtiss, 1960 Aug. 26.


Cummings, E. E. (Edward Estlin), 1894-1962. Typed letter signed : Silver Lake, N.H., to Mina Curtiss, 1960 Aug. 26.

Typed letter signed : Silver Lake, N.H., to Mina Curtiss, 1960 Aug. 26.

Apologizing for "misbehav[ing] so clumsily," especially when he and Marion hoped to "hypnotize" her to Silver Lake, noting that his only "shallwesay consolation" is that he hasn't stepped on a rusty nail only to learn that the hospital has no "antitetanus serum." Mentioning that her "opus will be welcome," and quoting Rilke. Sending "morethanwarmest" greetings to Leger and love from Marion.

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