Edward Terry Hendrie Shaffer papers, 1894-1997.


Shaffer, Edward Terry Hendrie, 1880-. Edward Terry Hendrie Shaffer papers, 1894-1997.

Edward Terry Hendrie Shaffer papers, 1894-1997.

Published and unpublished writings, speeches re his own travel accounts; cotton, the boll weevil, and the need for diversification; African Americans and migration from the South; unpublished novel, The Landgravine, based on life of Louisa Carolina Colleton Graves; essays include Favored Farmers (Atlantic Monthly 1926); Adult in Wonderland re encounter with an actress; Concerning Government and Business; Gullah Odyssey; In Time of War; and Liquor and Manners. Speeches include Nassau Impressions (Winthrop College, 1940); and Journey Through the Black Border with Gonzales; travel writings: diary, Oct.-Dec. 1941, re trip from Walterboro, S.C., to California; writings re trip from Florida to Toronto, Canada; letters to his wife, Clara Barr Shaffer, and daughter, Jane; and notes, 1938-1939, re sales of his book, Carolina Gardens, and reviews, 1937-1941. Correspondence written in reply to his work includes letter, 7 Jan. 1922, from attorney J. Waties Waring, commenting on Shaffer's thoughts on the future of cotton farming; . Copies of 3 photographs: Shaffer and son Bobby, George Armstrong Wauchope, Yates Snowden, Virginia Wauchope Bass, and Robert Duncan Bass, 1931, at the swimming pool of DuBose Heyward's home in Hendersonville, N.C.; and studio portraits of Shaffer. Transcribed diary and letters, ca. 1861-1886, of Shaffer's father, Sgt. Alexander Casner Shaffer (1838-1910), entitled Service in the South (1 vol.; 111-pages) re life in rural Sussex County, New Jersey; Civil War service in Harris Light Cavalry, 2nd New York Regiment; troop movements chiefly in Virginia; soldier and camp life; imprisonment at Libby Prison in Richmond; trip to Macon, Ga., and Charleston and Columbia, S.C., where he escaped in 1864, his journey through Georgia to Atlanta along Sherman's scorched earth, also Tennessee, Kentucky, and Washington, D.C.; and later work with Freedmen's Bureau at Walterboro, S.C. Scrapbook, 1894-1945, re Shaffer's published writings, speaking engagements, published reviews and correspondence, including specimen letter from W. Somerset Maugham [PU-5 oversize]; loose-leaf notebook, 1940-1942, records details of Shaffer's travels sponsored by South Carolinians, Inc., and South Carolina Magazine; also including 4 items on microfilm (R-177), ca. 1935-1942, re trips to Bluffton, Hayne Hall, "Upland Pastures," and elsewhere.

1 roll microfilm.

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